Preferred Medical Products, Inc. is a medical component manufacturer dedicated to exceeding customer requirements of price, service, and quality by utilizing a unique ISO certified quality management system which provides a method for continuous process improvements.

ISO Certification
Preferred Medical Products Inc. is an ISO 9001 Registered Company. Please view a copy of our certificate. 
cGMP Practices
  Preferred Medical Products follows guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) from the top Quality Management System all the way to labeling and packaging control.
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  Each production lot manufactured by Preferred Medical Products undergoes a final product audit by the QC department. The results of this audit are recorded using a SPC program that calculates numerous statistical values and displays control charts that are used to determine process control and capability.
ASTM Standards
  Preferred Medical Products adheres to several ASTM standards from material selection to final cleaning and passivation. Such standards include: ASTM A313 and ASTM A908 standards for tubing and wire raw material, ASTM A380 and ASTM A967 standards for the cleaning and passivation of stainless steel.
Sampling Procedure
  Every lot manufactured by PMP has samples taken from it by the Quality Control department to statistically ensure that each lot produced meets the high quality needs of medical device components. The sampling plans and control levels used are derived from customer specifications and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4_2008 Tables and Procedures for Sampling by Attributes.